Eyelead adhesion based cleaning stick (Sensor Stick)


Dear international visitor, because there are some very good reviews about this stick we will not offer this article in english language. The YouTube Video is also only avaiable in german although we plan on adding subtitles. If you want the review in english please leave us a comment here or on our facebookpage. Thank you for visiting us on InFocus-Photo.eu .

Ciao Björn and Christian

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Eyelead Cleaningproduct Review Prelude


In the next few days/weeks we will bring you some reviews about Eyelead camera cleaning products. Eyelead was kind enough to send us a bunch of samples for free.

These entries will be the first we combine with some videoentries on youtube we produced last week.

The products we tested are:

  • Sensorstick – an adhesion based cleaning stick for the sensor
  • different Sensorswabs
  • Viewfinderswabs
  • Mirror- and Focusingscreanswabs
  • their very own cleaningfluid
  • Lensswipes

You see we had something to do, that’s why we decided to write a review for every product. A review that included all of theses products would simply be to long and confusing.

In this post we will link all the relevant entries and youtube videos as soon as we are finished with postproduction and writing.

Stay sharp.

Ciao Björn und Christian

P.S.: All the videos will only be available in German language, we think about subtitles or transcripts in English.

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Contactformular and E-Mail Problems


Hi there,

I think I owe some people an excuse. Sorry for not answering your e-Mails to our info[at]infocus-photo.de adress or our contactform. We decided to switch our Mailserver to an exchange-based service. But in the result our info-adress wasn’t forwarded correctly. The problem should be solved by now.
You can always reach us via Facebook or our personal mail-adresses.

Good bye and thanks for all the fish


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Humans of New York

There is this young photograph, who moved to New York just to find his own luck. He moved there with a challenge in mind, to take 10.000 pcitures. He moved there with just two suitcases and a camera. I am astonished by his pictures, because the tell stories. Those people are neither modells nor any other kind of professional. They are just human beings like you and me and the guy on the other side of th street. I admire his courage to talk to strangers every day and to worm a story out of them. Those small stories below or on top of the photo are the true art.

Facebook honours his work with a video on their own 10th birthday.



I think I’ll never have this courage and this makes the project even more admirable.



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Presentation of Jesus at the Temple – Candlemas


In the last years the both of us developed the tradition to take pictures on events at our local Lutheran church. Those pictures usually were published in the local press. This time I was alone with this task, becaus Björn visited his family and helped his mother with a photoproject including handicaped people.

Candlemas is alway a challenge for the camera and also for the photographer. It is not easy becaus you have to shoot “High ISO”. Nobody likes to get strobed in a dark chapel with only candles as lightsource. Candlemas, that’s as the name suggests candles, darkness, an old chapel and a dark cemetery. It’s a catholic holiday, we celebrate here on the Maifeld also in our Lutheran community. It is a tradition, that the Recorderensemble “Viva La Musica” plays us some old christmassongs and also some music to contemplate about. My wife plays the bass ;). This years Candlemas was something very special because I lost my beloved grandmother, yeah she was old but I’ll miss her very much, and she had no curch service at her funeral, and this was my chance to have a little for myself.

I hope you like the pictures, because sometimes they tell you more than words.

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Taking a Chance – Flatland BMX Shooting


I know the title isn’t the best but I couldn’t think of a better one.

A while ago my girlfriend and I brought a friend of hers to the train station in Koblenz. As we walked out of the train station afterwards to visit the city, I saw two Flatland BMX guys driving about 20 meters away from where I was. I watched them for a few minutes, looked into my wallet and found exactly one business card. I gathered all my courage and simply approached the one closest to me. I talked to him for about 1,5 minutes, explaining what I do and that I’m interested in shooting with him. I gave him my card and left.

I didn’t think I’d hear from him again. There were a few times in my life where I approached people with my card and none of them responded, but still it was worth a try …

And I really didn’t hear from him. So I thought “DAMN, would have been nice!”. I was really bumped for a few days.

After a week or two I got an email from Waldemar Fatkin (turned out this was the guys name). He also send me his Vimeo channel.At this point I began to realize the guy wasn’t just any random BMX driver. I quickly watched at the Sponsors he had: Autum Bikes, 55DSL, GSHOCK, SPORT IMPORT, Take A Shot.

So, you cou...

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Review of the F-Stop Satori EXP


I really thought about naming the blog entry “Carrying a giant” but more on this as we go.

I bought and reviewed the Tilopa BC a while back. You can read the initial review here. And this is a blog entry I wrote after using the Tilopa in the Netherlands on a trip.

I was happy with the Tilopa. It is an awesome backpack, fact!

BUT I always said that I would really like that bit of room the Satori EXP (62 liter) would give me. The Tilopa BC is a 48 liter backpack which isn’t small but I wanted to have just that extra bit of space that allowed me a bit more freedom in choosing my gear for a shoot.

I had the opportunity to buy a used Satori EXP in Foliage Green and I was able to sell my Tilopa BC for only slightly less so there wasn’t much of a price difference. The only thing that I really regret is the fact that my Tilopa BC was Malibu Blue (The most awesome color a backpack can be!). I loved that color. Now I have a greenish/gray backpack which looks like any other backpack out there (color wise). But believe me, it isn’t when it comes to features and it certainly isn’t when it comes to price. That baby isn’t cheap!!

The setup I own now (a Satori EXP, a Large Pro ICU and a Small Pro ...

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Some Christmas gifts for photographers

I wrote this one in German first (the first blog entry , normally I do it the other way around). If you are interested you can find it here.

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We will be broadening our Spectrum

Like the header seas, we will be braodening our spectrum of reviews. Up till now we mostly wrote entries about photography and directly photography related things. We want to change that. That doesn’t mean we will start writing reviews about kitchen appliances, beach fashion or music.

It just means that we will also be writing entries about things we use for our photography but that aren’t strictly related to photography.

These are some examples of things you may see in the future:

  • A review about shoes. But not just any shoes. An entries about boots we wear during our shootings. I’m wearing solid Meindl hiking boots and I wrote more than once that they are a crucial part of my equipment. The saved me more than once from falling and they keep me going for hours without pain.
  • Reviews of PC equipment. We use our PCs/laptops to edit the images and save the data.
  • Reviews of mobile phones
  • Reviews about Outdoor Equipment. I travel more than I used to and I want to have the opportunity to travel even more. That means I need a solid place to stay. That way I can wake up in the morning and run around a whole day with my camera (for instance on a LARP).


You see what I am trying to say...

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Traveling with the F-Stop Tilopa BC


I bought the Tilopa about a month ago and as soon as it arrived I wrote a blog entry about it.

Right after it I went on vacation together with my girlfriend and Christian (my best mate/assistant/the other half of Infocus-Photo) and his family. It wasn’t a vacation to some exotic mountain range or big forest. It was a vacation to the seaside in the Netherlands.


Still it gave me plenty of opportunities and a variety of different scenes to test the backpack. I tested it in the sun, the rain, during pretty strong wind, on the beach and in an urban environment like different cities. It held up awesome!

Is it  totally without flaws? No, it isn’t but we will get to the good and bads. But overall the F-Stop bags are the best backpacks out there, in my humble opinion.

Let’s begin with an objective view at the backpack. I was at the seaside. That means there is a lot of sand and seawater/saltwater. Saltwater is really aggressive! Thankfully the Tilopa BC has a Hypalon bottom part.


That means I didn’t worry about putting it on the wet sand and on any other surface...

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