(Deutsch) Alienware 15 r2


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(Deutsch) Review der Nikon D5500


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Review Jinbei Freelander FL-II 500 long-term test Part 2

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Review Jinbei Freelander FL-II 500 long-term test Part 1


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Charlie Cunningham

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(Deutsch) Mein erstes Bild in mehreren Blogs und Zeitungen (Bild, Huffington Post, Rhein-Zeitung)


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The worst Item I bought, in my time, as a semi Pro (Cullmann Magnesit 525 with a 3 Way Head)


Every photographer has some pieces in the kit, that he uses frequently and some pieces that he/she doesn’t use as often. And almost every photographer has that one item that he regrets buying.

For me it was my second tripod. Yes, my second! I bought my first, together with my first serious camera a Nikon D90. It was a really cheap tripod and I know it was cheap. I didn’t expect much from it. It cost me less than 30€ and it was “okay”, at first. It helped me, to get sharp images of a tree, or a waterfall, a snowy landscape… (at the beginning you shoot about everything you can find, with your DSLR). At first the tripod wasn’t the problem, it was me, figuring out the camera setting. But after a while I needed a better tripod.

I’m no landscape shooter, I shot mostly portraits and the considerations for my new tripod were:

  • Good value for money (I don’t have that much money)
  • I don’t need the tripod that often
  • I will mostly use it indoor
  • The maximum weight, it would be holding, would be around 3kg

After much consideration, I went for the Cullmann Magnesit 525 with a 3 way head.


The stats of the Magnesie looked good, when it comes to value for money...

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Photokina Benjamin Wong and the “Spirit of Photography”


I stole part of the title, the “Spirit of Photography” part. It was the actual name for the presentation Ben gave at the Photokina on Thursday 18.9.2014

This was the date I met Benjamin Von Wong and I wrote a bit about that here. This blog entry is less about Ben and more about the presentation. Less about Ben doesn’t mean that I won’t mention his name a few times, after all, it was his presentation.

He is part of the Gen Next Program of Broncolor. That meant that Broncolor provided the strobes, which were their new Siros. These small and compact studio strobes provide a punch and are seriously awesome! Broncolor also provided a gorgeous Para 88 and a Para 133, and a few other things. The Para is a gorgeous modifier. If you have the money and want the most awesome light modifier you can get, there it is..

Broncolor also provided a few (about 10) wireless triggers to the audience. The guy from Broncolor simply said “No problem, the strobes recycle fast enough” and boy they did!

Ben started to talk about his way of photography and shortly after Ophelia Overdose joined him...

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Zeiss Otus….Cameraporn?!

We visited the Photokina a few weeks ago, Christian and I. One of the items on our list where the Zeiss Otus lenses.

They are normally described as “The Holy Grail of Lenses” “Lensporn” and “The best Lenses in this focal length”.
Seen that you normally don’t see these things, let alone get the chance to test them, we were excited. And they had both the 55mm 1.4 and the 85 1.4.

Just to give you en example, we are talking about a 3500€ lens for the 55 1.4 Nikon mount at Amazon. Or around 4000€ for the 85mm 1.4 Nikon mount.
These things aren’t cheap!!

So as I said, we or at least I was excited. My first impression was “God damn!! They are heavy”. And I don’t mean that in the “They do feel well build and are very solid and sturdy” kind of way. I mean it in the damn they are bloody heavy kind of way. The 85mm weighs 1,15 kg and the 55mm weighs 970 gramm. Compared to other lenses that may not sound like much, but they aren’t as long as a 70-200mm lens. The balance is ever so slightly off.

The lenses where mounted on an Nikon D800, that means there is an additional 1 kg  (the camera) you have to hold. Try to handhold 2 kilo of equipment and manually focus at f1.4...

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